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Section 1 - Conditions for access to studio "LE PIED A L'ETRIER"

"LE PIED A L'ETRIER" is available to any individual. The number of persons occupying the studio must not exceed 2 + possibly a child (less than one year). Number of nights occupied shall not exceed that specified in the contract.

Article 2 - Prohibition of domicile
It is forbidden to use the resident and distribute as principal residence or business address, business address or telephone numbers of the studio "LE PIED A L'ETRIER"

Article 3 - Animals
Due to the location and type of options, we regret not being able to accept the presence of animals (unless specifically requested by the customer and accepted by us).

Article 4 - Delivery of key
Access keys are returned when you go home for the arrival of resident or taken in a safe-deposit box. These keys are given after that the access conditions mentioned above have been accepted and the contract has been regularized. It is forbidden to make duplicates of the access key or to ask additional locks. In case of loss of the access key to the apartment by the resident, the barrel will be changed for safety reasons, and this will be charged.

Article 5 - Inventory
An inventory of furniture available to the Lessee shall be delivered to the Lessee at the entry into the dwelling.

If the inventory and inventory are not prepared and signed by the landlord or his representative, and the Lessee simultaneously (inventory and inventory contradictory), the inventory and the inventory carried out by the Lessor and only returned to the Lessee at its entry into the dwelling will be contestable by the Tenant within 8 hours after entering the housing. In the absence of objection by the Tenant in this period of 8 hours, the inventory and the inventory made by the Lessor and the Lessee releases its entry into the premises will be deemed accepted without reservation by the Lessee.

An inventory and an inventory will be established by the Parties to the end of the lease, each retaining a signed copy. A lack of inventory and / or inventory at the end of the lease or the lessee establishes only the inventory and / or inventory at the end of the lease, the absence of objection by the Lessor within 48 hours after the end of the rental return of places worth in good condition and / or inventory.

Article 6 - Insurance and personal
We do not respond to any personal care left by the resident in the apartment, whether present or not.
The apartment and its furniture are insured by an insurance policy in case of fire, water leakage, burglary and glass breakage.
Your personal property and securities are not covered by this insurance.
We particularly recommend to ensure you and those traveling with you, all baggage, goods and values ​​of each against loss or theft.

Liability insurance is also recommended for everyone. Tenants are asked to sign a contract of insurance holiday home or furniture out (see comprehensive insurance contract). Tenants are required to check with their insurance company.

Article 7 - Peace
The resident will ensure that peace is at any time disturbed by his behavior and that of his guests. The use of sound devices (music, TV, DVD) is allowed as long as the resulting noise does not disturb the neighbors and observe the local regulations are respected police.

Article 8 - Use of common
The resident will not clutter, on a temporary or permanent with any object whatsoever (bicycles, bags, garbage bags) common areas of the condominium

Article 9 - Garbage, rubbish chutes
Rubbish, waste and sweepings will be in sturdy containers and sealed available.

Article 10 - Equipment of the apartment
The layout, design and equipment of the residence may not, under any circumstances, be changed. It is also forbidden to make any resident of removal of furniture and accessories belonging to Tor bring in additional equipment apartment.

Article 11 - Maintenance and Repair
The household will be provided by the resident himself during and at the end of stay. It is forbidden to reside himself to make repairs in place. In case of stains on furniture, wallpaper, floor .. must contact the owner whose details appear on the contract.

Article 12 - Visits
The employees can access the studio rented apartment to check inventory, verify the proper operation of the facilities, carrying out repairs, restorations or conversions, and at any time.

Article 13 - Prices, booking and payment

The studio is fully furnished and equipped "ready to live". Rates include the provision of bed linen, towels, and home products (kitchen and bathroom). The tax is included in the price.

Each location begins and ends at the period provided in the contract.
Rates include unless otherwise specified in the Special Conditions:
- All taxes

- The consumption of water and electricity
- A service change of linen once every 7 nights
- The basic insurance of the apartment (water damage, fire, glass breakage) but does not include insurance tenant's property
The rates do not include unless otherwise specified in the Special Conditions:
- Additional services as a more frequent cleaning or end of the stay requested by the tenant.

- Insurance of tenant's property, luggage, jewelry and other valuables. Thank you to contact your insurer before your arrival.

The provision of places of stay is 16 hrs from the day of departure and the premises must be vacated by noon except by mutual agreement of the two contracting parties.

Nights booking is subject to availability schedules.

In case of force majeure, we reserve the right to relocate our client in another apartment or hotel that has been the subject of booking. This alternative accommodation must be of equivalent size and will not result in overcharging.

Invoices must be paid immediately on presentation. The day of the arrival of the client, "LE PIED A L'ETRIER" charged the full amount of the stay not paid at the time of arrival.

For all stays of less than 7 nights, the full amount of the stay is requested to confirm the booking.
For all stays longer than 7 nights, a 30% deposit is requested to confirm the booking.

In case of cancellation by the client and if he warned "LE PIED A L'ETRIER" mail A / R:
- 90% of the amount of the deposit will be given back to the customer in case of cancellation at least two months before the date of arrival (date of submission of the letter A / R authentic).
- 50% of the amount of the deposit will be given back to the customer in case of cancellation at least one month before the date of arrival (date of submission of the letter A / R authentic).
- If cancellation is made less than one month before the date of arrival, the customer will not be entitled to any compensation.

Article 14 - Deposit

The security deposit, always asked when booking is set at 200 euros. It is attached to the sending of this present contract in case of payment by check or pay online via PayPal when ordering direct on-site booking www.lepiedaletrier resa.com

This deposit is to cover damage, potential damage and theft of furniture and objects so the list annexed to the "terms and conditions". This deposit will also cover the payment of the stay if the paycheck covering the stay proved uncollectable. This deposit will be returned after inspection of output at the start or within a maximum of 8 days. In case of damage caused by the tenant rented places and things, the amount of the deposit will be refunded minus the cost of repair or replacement, upon presentation of evidence by the owner, and within a maximum period of two months. A sum of 35 euros will be paid by the tenant at the time of departure in the case where the household (not furnished the return to the initial state of cleanliness) is to be done by the owner.

Article 15 - Dissatisfaction and litigation
In the event that the rented apartment does not match your expectations or if a problem occurs during our stay, thank you notify us immediately. we will do our best to give you satisfaction on.
If, however, any satisfaction you have not been given during your stay, we ask you to kindly send your comments in writing within 7 days of the end of the lease.

For the execution hereof, the Lessor and the Lessee shall elect domicile in their respective homes. However, in case of dispute, the court of the Lessor shall have sole jurisdiction. This Agreement and its aftermath are subject to French law.

Article 16 - Responsibilities
"LE PIED A L'ETRIER" disclaims any liability for loss, damage, delay to a cause beyond our control or our control including force majeure, explosions, floods, storms, fire, accident, acts of war or threatened civil or terrorist measures restricting any official authority, strikes, demonstrations. In such cases the lease will be automatically terminated without any compensation may be requested by the resident.
"LE PIED A L'ETRIER" can not be held responsible for any failure of equipment common to the apartment and the building such as plumbing, etc.. , It is the same for breaks or malfunctions of utilities such as water, electricity, telephone and TV.

We disclaim any responsibility for the noise and nuisance of any kind which are beyond its control or control or which are not located in the rented apartment.